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Star Performer and WOW Awards Ceremony

WOW Awards Program

I have had the privilege of coordinating the Hopkins' Star Performer and WOW Awards in the Emporia Public Schools since their inception in 2003. The E. L. and Z. Irene Hopkins Foundation established the awards to honor teachers and school support staff members who go above and beyond the call of duty to make a difference for students.

The foundation has provided cash awards of $265,000 to 127 individuals in our district in the past nine years. The day we travel around the district surprising staff members with this honor is indeed one of the best days of the year! These employees definitely have a positive impact on students' lives on a daily basis, and it is great to see them rewarded for their hard work and efforts.

WOW Awards ProgramThese awards are only one of many ways the Hopkins' generosity and thoughtfulness lives on and continues to benefit the Emporia and surrounding communities.

Kristy Turner
Emporia Public Schools
August, 2011

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