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Our mission is one of compassion designed to serve children by serving others and sharing resources with those in need.

Foundation Mission

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Over the years E.L. ("Bud") and Z. Irene Hopkins were touched by personal stories of others facing urgent needs, whether for medical care, personal safety, education, food and shelter, or other services they themselves took for granted. Children who, through no fault of their own, found themselves in intolerable situations were of special concern. Bud and Irene often wished they had the resources available to meet some of those needs. Through his own creativity and desire for success, Bud Hopkins founded Hopkins Manufacturing Corporation in Emporia, Kansas. Under his leadership and hard work, Hopkins Manufacturing became a very successful company. The company was eventually sold and Bud and Irene felt called to share their assets with those in need of assistance.

Their philanthropy and desire to give back to the community led them to establish, in 1997, the E.L. and Z. Irene Hopkins Foundation. The Foundation became an instrument by which they could begin to fulfill their desire to share their treasure with those in need, especially the children. Bud Hopkins died in April, 1998 and Irene Hopkins died in March, 2011, but the Foundation they established continues. The Foundation uses the funds in its custody in ways that are productive and achieve sustainable positive outcomes. Often, just relieving someone's immediate suffering or removing an obstacle that blocks an individual's advancement is enough of a positive outcome for the Foundation. There are problems in the world the Foundation will not be able to solve, but there is hope for the future. A goal of the Foundation is to help rekindle hope for those it assists.

The Foundation enjoys witnessing the passion of those who lead the organizations that guide, protect, and bring joy to children. It has shown its commitment to the classroom teachers and staff who dedicate themselves to the education and growth of children through the annual "Star Performer" and "WOW" Awards. It marvels at the energy, dedication, creativity, and ability to do so much with whatever means available.

For this reason, the Hopkins Foundation is eager to be in partnership with these organizations and individuals. It wants to share in their successes and be a support when they are stretched. Although these organizations, teachers, and staff would be the first to say the work they do is not because of the recognition they may receive, the credit is theirs. Their humility and passion for their work is a treat to observe.

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