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Grant Guidelines

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1. The Foundation's Board is strongly guided by the Foundation's Mission Statement. Proposals should explain how the applicant and the program or project is consistent with that Statement.

2. Proposals must contain a description of the proposed program or project, including a statement of the need, specific project components, logistics, goals, projected benefits or numbers of people to be affected, and plans for evaluating the effectiveness of the program or project.

3. Proposals must include, if applicable, the names of the executive officers and members of the Board of Directors of the requesting organization, aggregate board financial contributions to the organization for the prior 12 months, financial information of the organization including operating budget, project budget, amounts and sources already committed to the project, other possible funding sources, and most recent audited financial statements (or if no audit, certified by the organization's chief executive or financial officer.)

4. In general, the Foundation will not make multi-year commitments.

5. Proposals should be submitted a minimum of 4 months before funds are required.

6. The Foundation will consider only one proposal from any one organization or individual during any 12 month period.

7. In general, the Foundation does not contribute to endowments.

8. The Foundation does not support lobbying of any kind.

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